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The Conscious Creator

MASTER + MANIFEST YOUR DREAM LIFE ✧ Grow from unaware to empowered: heal, dream, & live in abundance

So many intuitive thinkers and dreamers struggle to live the life they truly desire and deserve.

We experience life differently than others, leading with our emotions more often than logic.

Chances are that you...

✧ Literally FEEL what your friends are going through which triggers intense emotions like anger or anxiety

✧ Often take on the pain of others at your own expense, which leaves you feeling drained and emotionally exhausted

✧ Are an introvert and crowds can be energetically overwhelming

✧ Are living your life with the emotional volume turned up to level 10, and you want to turn it down a few notches

✧ Talk down to yourself which keeps you stuck, scared, and terrified to fail

Here is what I ALSO know to be true about you, amazing dreamer:

You have unique abilities and skills that come super naturally to you:

✧ Your generosity is deep and you wear your heart on your sleeve

✧ You are a great listener and an excellent friend

✧ You are VERY intuitive, emotionally intelligent and might even possess a “sixth sense”

✧ You have the capacity to live a full, happy, and healthy life.

By appreciating and honoring all that YOU are, you will no longer feel alone and helpless to your sensitivities.
It’s time to see your abilities as the gifts that they are.

In this self-study, on-demand course, you will uncover the key elements you need to move from having a life full of uncertainty and anxiety to one of control and fulfillment.