Unleash your power to receive anything you dream of.

- The Universe Awaits -

It's time to step into divine communion with your highest potential - your Elevated Self - so you can create the aligned life you so deeply desire.

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Unleash your power to receive anything you dream of.

The Universe Awaits

It's time to step into divine communion with your highest potential - your Elevated Self - so you can create the aligned life you so deeply desire.

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i'm ready to elevate to my highest potential

i'm ready to elevate to my highest potential

You are more than your story.

More than the tasks you accomplish.

And so much more than your current reality.

Inside you waits an infinite abundance of feminine power. A power waiting to unleash your deepest, greatest dreams.

The dreams the Universe is waiting to unlock for you so you can serve at your highest level -- in your business, relationships, and life. 

Your dreams are closer than you think. 

You don't need to do more, be more, or achieve more. You only need to activate your highest level: your elevated self. 

i'm ready activate my elevated self

It's time to step into your next level power. 

The potential rests within you (and has all along!) You only need the tools and guidance to unlock that potential.

The Universe awaits your dreams.

The question is:

Are YOU ready to elevate?

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You know you have what it takes to move to the next level…


So then why do you get SO STUCK?!?

The real reason you’re stuck in the same cycles of feast to famine and joy to anxiety in every area of your life?

You’re trapped in the *By Me* level of conscious awareness.

You believe that...

You get more by doing more. 

Your actions create your reality. 

The success of your dreams depend upon your ability to perform.

The problem with living, moving, and manifesting from *By Me* consciousness?

You're subconsciously blocking your abundance and keeping your inner Goddess trapped and powerless by stripping the Universe of the opportunity to provide for and through you.

Which is why you keep coming back, again and again, to the same seasons of famine and cycles of stuck.

So what's the secret to unlocking that next level in life and business that you dream of? 

We need to free you of the *By Me* awareness so you can fully activate your *Through Me* understanding:

The conscious understanding where you, the universe, and all that you desire coexist in perfect alignment.

It's at this level of conscious awareness that you have the power to manifest your dreams without hinderance, and without limits. 

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The Truth?

Unlocking your next level is easier than you think.

Unravel the mysteries of your Human Design

Combine your inherent strengths with your Soul Vision to pour gasolene on the fire of your manifestation juices - yes, we're about to BLOW  UP what you think it means to dream bigger and deeper than ever before.

Establish your true Dream Identity

Who are you beyond the HD Chart? A woman of power, magic, and ability... but only if you see your truth for what it is and how it serves your Soul Vision.

Script from your new reality of Abundance

Scripting and manifestation only work as hard smart as you do: With the right manifestation tricks and strategy, nothing you dream of is out of reach.

Power up with Quantum Manifestations

The Universe is no longer your overseer, but your lover, partner, and friend. Get comfortable with dreams coming true at a literal *blink* of the eye. 

Transition In Acceptance & Activation

Step into your new reality of alignment with your inner Goddess so that you never stop reaching new levels of growth.

Make space in your Newly Activated Reality

This is only the beginning of your new level: Prepare for infinite growth and a multiverse of abundance as you tap continuosly into your newfound power to achieve at any level, at anything your set your mind to.

I'm ready for my new reality!
"Highly recommended if you want to step into the true goddess within you."

Elevated Self was a powerful experience. AmyLee is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitively knows how to provide the support you need to step into your next level self. I learned so much about myself in this program. AmyLee is an amazing coach and does a great job holding space for you to experience growth.

I highly recommend this program if you want to step into the true goddess within you.

Shannon Corn

"AmyLee was what I needed to step forward in my journey."

I spent my life searching for something, anything, that would fill the blank space I felt I had. AmyLee was what I needed to step forward in my journey. When AmyLee opened Elevated Self, I messaged her and she got right back and answered my questions and worked with me to make sure this was the right path for me. If you are on the fence about taking Elevated Self, don't be. AmyLee can help you take those next steps forward, teach you ideas that may not have known and show you techniques that will help you in your journey. 


"Elevated Self is an amazing program!"

If you are ready to enter your next level self, this is for you. Between deep dive into your human design, the awesome meditations, and new friends in the community, it is a really great next step.

Having the knowledge AmyLee shares is very powerful! I can go back to my notes and re-learn and re-apply them as I enter each new phase of growth. AmyLee is amazing at what she does and answered all my questions and never made me feel like I shouldn't be there regardless of my previous experiences. 

Kat Majors

"I'll carry your tools and meditations with me going forward."

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Human Design and for all the subsequent information within Elevated Self. I'm still embodying the teachings of the program weeks later.

The most profound impact that Elevated Self had on me was that I was really able to connect to my personal needs and wait for the perfect coaching opportunity to come along. Sure enough, the right opportunity manifested itself and I confidently took the leap! I feel like I got from the program exactly what I put into it, and I'm very grateful for you and what you taught me! 

Nat Riley

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8 Weeks • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions • Daily Voxer Support



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8 Weeks • Weekly Coaching Sessions • Daily Voxer Support


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