The comprehensive Human Design crash course you've been waiting for.


An in-depth (though totally understandable!) breakdown of Human Design:

+ The history and development of this groundbreaking technique

+ How to effectively understand your Human Design Chart

+ What your Human Design Type says about you and your manifestation style



We'll dive in with Human Design 101: I'll teach you the mindset and approach necessary to get the most out of studying the Human Design System.


Where did Human Design even come from? What do all those symbols on my Chart actually mean? Discover all this and more as we decode Human Design.


Learn what all those symbols on your Human Design Chart truly mean and how they connect to form your individualized roadmap for your life. 


Learn the five main Human Design Types and the strategies and strengths of each so you can approach your own life in the way most complementary to your design.

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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-energetics Practitioner, & Founder of the Dream Design™ System

A Note From AmyLee

When I first heard about Human Design my thought was “not another personality test!

Thank goodness I gave it a chance because it ended up being the missing piece to the puzzle that was my business and my life! Learning my HD helped me unlock my unique blueprint for living my best life. And that is why I knew I had to share it with YOU.

Like all languages, HD has a learning curve and if you dive in headfirst you can end up overwhelmed before you get a chance to extract all the wisdom and application available to you.

This free masterclass will help you unravel your design piece-by-piece in a way that helps you understand and implement the information.

Click the button below and let me take you down the rabbit hole that is your soul’s method for manifesting your deepest purpose.

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Dr. Rowena Winkler, Cosmic Catalyst Coach

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Gina Fontaine, Health & Wellness Coach

"AmyLee gave me the tools to re-examine myself, my goals, and my life in a new way."

"AmyLee introduced me to Dream Design, and we've since worked together many times over the years. AmyLee has helped me interpret myself in a different way."

Minessa Konecky, Joy Life & Business Coach
I want to learn human design decoded!


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-energetics Practitioner, & Founder of the Dream Design™ System
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This free offer is part of a test I'm running for my business.

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