Gratitude as magic: It’s a lot more than “Thank You”

Gratitude as magic: It’s a lot more than Thank You | Dream Design Blog

When you think of gratitude, the first thing that comes to mind might be somewhat negative. I know that when I was a child, I was constantly being lectured about being ungrateful for what I had. To be honest, the word sort of left a bad taste in my mouth for years. It wasn’t until I started to really dig into what gratitude was and learned the power it contains that I started to fall in love with the word and the concept. 


I learned that gratitude is about a lot more than being thankful for things out of respect or appreciation to the ones who made those things possible. It’s actually a powerful tool that, when used consistently, can pave the way for a life of pure bliss! Here are three super cool ways that gratitude can add magic to your life! 

Gratitude as a magnet: 

One neat thing about gratitude is that being grateful and expressing gratitude works hand in hand with your reticular activating system (RAS). This part of your brain is in charge of taking all of the information that floods into your senses at every second of your life, and streamlining it down to only the things it thinks you want to notice. This is why you read about something and suddenly you see that thing everywhere. You have sent your brain the message that you want to see more! 


Well, gratitude works the same way! When you focus on the things you are grateful for, you are sending your RAS the message to show you more of this! The result is that you notice more and more things to be grateful for! Who doesn’t want more awesome things in their life to think about? Amirite? 


Gratitude as Fuel: 

Another thing that is super cool about gratitude is that it is a super high vibe feeling. The higher the vibration of a feeling, the more power that feeling has toward manifestation. Think of it like the expensive gas at the station. You know that when you put the super spendy stuff in the tank, your car is going to run smoother and it’s just a more optimum ride right? Maybe you even get more miles to the gallon?! 


Gratitude works the same way! It is the stronger, more potent vibrational feeling that gets you to your manifestation goals faster, not to mention the fact that it feels better in your body! It makes you happier in the short term, you sleep better; and you have better interactions with your loved ones. It’s almost like medicine for your mind! 


Gratitude as Currency: 

The last thing that gratitude does, which to me the absolute most magical thing of all, is that it supercharges your manifestations. Why? As you know from the law of attraction, like attracts like. When you are grateful for things, including things you don’t even have yet, the Universe responds by sending you more of that thing!!!! The key part of the creative process is that you have to truly believe that the thing you are manifesting is on its way. It has to be as much of a sure thing as a package from amazon or that thing you accidentally ordered on the infomercial at 2am when you couldn’t sleep! If you believe with unwavering faith that your manifestation is moving into form, it can’t help but happen! And what better way to send that message of belief than being grateful for it before it even shows up? Gratitude is basically your way of exchanging energy for things! Just like currency! 


Hopefully this post has helped you see just how valuable gratitude is for manifestation! This month when you sit down to carve that turkey, give yourself permission to start listing all the things you are grateful for in your life, and in the life you have yet to build.


Want to start your gratitude practice now? Head over to this post HERE for some great tips on how to add a daily gratitude practice into your day and feel free to join my free fb community where we will be talking about gratitude all month long! 



Gratitude as magic: It’s a lot more than “Thank You”

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