Time Management: Why it’s so hard to master and what to do about it

Time Management: Why it’s so hard to master and what to do about it Dream Design Blog

When it comes to effectiveness as a mother, wife, or worker, nothing gets most people to clam up like asking them to comment on their productivity. How do I know this? Because aside from hearing it from countless clients of mine- just thinking of time management sends me to the very depths of my self-doubt!

Why is it that simply taking charge of our time is so difficult for today’s modern woman? There are many factors to take into consideration here but I think these two really sum it up. 

There is always something vying for our attention. 

Unlike the June Cleavers of our grandmothers generation, today’s women are not just left in a house all day to press pants and cook dinner. Today, there are hundreds of distractions available with the push of a button.  You never run out of things to watch on the DVR, and your Facebook feed will literally scroll on forever. It’s easy to lose yourself in distraction for hours on end and never even realize the hours past. 

There is always a new and improved way. 

Advertising has always thrived on selling products, but again- with the advent of the internet there is never any shortage of messages telling us to “buy this planner to solve your problems” or take these pills to focus better! It’s no wonder that after surrounding ourselves with all these “fixes,” we often find ourselves paralyzed by fear of what to do next. What if I mess it up?

With these two factors in mind, the result is a person who is constantly being rewarded for being distracted and then promised the hope of being rescued from distraction. It is like being sold the poison and the antidote from the same source. Who could possibly be productive with the odds stacked against them that way?

The good news…

With a time management strategy that allows you to occasionally take distraction breaks, yet still gives you a blueprint for WTF to do with yourself- you can actually tackle the demon that seems to suck your life away when you swore you had plenty of time to do a task. I have a Facebook subscription group that helps you do just that! Limitless is my month-to-month group coaching program that consists of two group coaching sessions with me as well as a monthly Facebook live. Other members will be there to offer support and their own unique perspectives.

This month, we will be diving into the topic of time management head on! We will be discussing that fear of ineffectiveness, what we can do to quell that feeling, and of course how to deal with it once and for all! Click the link here to join us!



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